Boobies…ah… they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Their are the “mosquito bite” boobies; kind flat chested but with prominent nipples. Their are the large full breasts, that hang like ripe grapes. There are the smaller perkier tits (maybe B-C cups) that never reach large enough proportions to hang against a woman’s skin, but remain perky and taunt (my personal favorites, especially with those kind of puffy pink nipples… ahhh…dreaming, dream dream…) Those are all the more attractive sizes of breasts to me. You also have the , what do they call them… “eggs on a nail” boobies; basically really small and really saggy. Then you have the gargantuan boobies that are so large and saggy that they¬†fall almost to a woman’s navel. And you also have the ones that look like they used to fit in a tube sock, kind of long and saggy… I guess “saggy” is a key word for me, when defining boobs that I don’t find attractive at all.

What boobies catch your fancy? Do you like only a handful, or ones big enough to bury your face in and motor boat? :o)

And what about nipples? You have the really small nipples, like many men have as well. Then you have the “pencil eraser” nipples, which I’m fond of, especially as they press against a woman’s shirt or blouse, (thank you girls from “Charmed”!) and then there’s the puffy pink nipples which as I’ve stated are my favorite. Even when they are relaxed, they whole aureola kind of puff out to somewhat of a point. Then not to be forgotten, but less common are the inverted nipples that seem to poke in more than out. I like most all nipples, except for big blotchy ones or ones that seem to take up half a woman’s breasts.

Boobies,… Ah… so beautiful, so alluring, so inviting…

As I just finished writing my “thoughtful (or thought filled” blog entry, I had one of those random drive by boyish thoughts. I was writing one of the tags for my blog post, and I try to include all the sexual organs since it is a blog about sexuality.

As I was writing “Testicles”, I thought,… that would be a good name of a Greek Hero. He could be the brother to Hercules (just sound out Test-ih-cleese as it would probably be pronounced in Ancient Greek, just like Hercules) . (It’s all in the pronunciation right? ūüôā ) Maybe he could even have his own cartoon series, “The adventures of Testicles!”

motion picture hot sex.gif

Maybe as you have sex with your wife, you can imagine, “Testicles”, having his own hero theme music. If your wife was a virgin (hopefully if you’re married, she still isn’t a virgin ūüėČ ), he could be truly going “where no man has gone before!” Done Dah Da Ta, Done Tah Da Hah, Done done, done “The Adventures of the Mighty Testicles” (followed by a¬†cool echo, echo, echo).

Well that’s my drive by bit of randomness for today

(======3 (too bad they don’t make bigger “3’s”… that “testicles” is definitely not hero material there, and I guess a wider equal sign would be more dramatic as well. You’d think the inventors of fonts would give you better stuff to work with, sheesh!? How are you supposed to make naughty things with such shoddy material.

black and white against the wall

Two nights ago, my wife and I enjoyed an explicit movie together. Our marriage is frankly, … on the rocks. She is a survivor of unimaginable rape and molestation. It’s really hard being the husband of a sexual and emotional abuse survivor. We married for different reasons. I married for love, companionship, passion and romance. She married for safety. I am a kind man. I follow the kindest One this sin stained world has ever known, and they nailed Him to a tree… To be kind in a cruel world is not safe, but He led the way… My wife took my kindness and offered nothing in return, at least nothing that you marry for. She didn’t mean to, she’s just “survived” so long, she never dreamed of anything else… like passion, pleasure, romance and joy.

Our marriage is teetering on a dagger’s blade. Each day, I feel it could swing back to true safety, “feeling”… feeling alive together or it could crumble beneath us like sand underneath you as the tide licks your feet.

12 years is a long time to be with someone who doesn’t want to offer any emotions. In our “evolutionary mythological” mindset, we’ve all embraced in parts, we believe emotions to be unnecessary and to even be hindrances to life. That joke of a movie (though Scarlett Johansen is HOT HOT HOT) “Lucy” is a perfect picture. Our worldview held in part by a large portion of the entire globe is that human perfection is a supercomputer. All brain and no heart…

Yet, God says different, though ancient Stoics, gave our forefathers the same versions of the same lies. God offers us joy. God declares that His Kingdom is peace, love, and joy in the Holy Ghost (for those of you with more delicate sensibilities ūüėČ … I grew up a holy roller tongue talking Pentacostal ūüėÄ and we had Holy Ghost meetings! ) God created us in His image, and He is nothing like a big brain, though He knows all things. No, God IS love. God wrote the Song of all Songs (The Song of Solomon). God declared to men to enjoy the wife of their youth and let her breasts satisfy him always! God said, that in His presence is FULLNESS of JOY and that at HIS right hand are PLEASURES FOREVERMORE! He is not a tame Lion (you lovers of the Chronicles of Narnia will understand me). God is wild as the wind. Strong like mountains. Gentle like a zephyr. And His passions blazing like an all consuming fire.

God created breasts! God created sex! God created cocks and pussies! God created the kiss! God is a God of PASSION. Our mind has it’s own joy’s, but as Blaise Pascal said, the heart has reasons that reason knows not of. I love learning new things, but only because I have a Passion to learn new things and “experience” Creation. Learning and the mind are only tools to increase our enjoyment of passion and pleasure, not as a substitute and never as a replacement.

So our marriage has been a barren wasteland for the entire 12 years this summer. That’s why for so many years, I have been thankful for the Word of God. While exploring the Word, I find no instances of God condemning enjoying nudity, or enjoying sexuality. He only tells us to stay true to our own well, our wife or husband. If adultery or fornication (sexual touches of¬†someone else’s¬†genitalia of any kind, outside of marriage), then Jesus set the bar one step higher when He said not to lust. Another words, He said that we shouldn’t imagine ourselves committing a sexual sin. But watching two other heterosexual people have sex is not a sin, not unless you imagine you with someone who is not your wife. That is lust. Pretty simple. Not this confusing mess we have in our churches today.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have high respect for our Puritan forefather’s and mother’s. They got so much right and we owe so much to them. I love reading their stories. Many of them helped found America and helped to make it a Christian nation (we are now backslidden obviously… but at one time we stood true. Even many of the original state constitutions included phrases pertaining to their founding such as “For the sake of the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”. There wasn’t any of this multi-religion bull crapp¬† advertised today here. A large majority of our founders were Christians. I believe 95% of the signers of the declaration were Christian, and about half of them had attended some form of seminary). But one doctrine our Puritan forefathers and mothers believed, was that pleasure was the devil’s playground. Many things were preached against over the years by them that just aren’t scripturally true. Most things they believed were true to the Word. And to be fair, we probably believe some stuff that our children’s children will look back one day and see that our doctrine was off a little, because no one has it all right. We can have the heart right, the heart of the Gospel. And most sins are clearly stated, as well as God’s original intention for Eden, a paradise, that we all long for still.

But I believe our blanket labeling of so many things sexual as “sin” is still an after effect of our Godly heritage. The Puritans and many like them, were not only American btw, they came from England and many such denominations or alliances were spread throughout Europe (Moravians, Calvinists, etc.). They were afraid to look too closely, because they were afraid of not labeling something “sin” that truly was, such as homosexuality, adultery, beastiality, molestation, incest, rape, sexual acts (those involving a penis or vagina) committed outside of the sacred and supremely delightful sacrament of marriage (God’s original designs for marriage was the strength of commitment coupled with the beauty of intimacy) .

The proverbial baby got thrown out with the bath water so to speak however and many things that offered sexual pleasure (or pleasure in general) were labeled sin, without just scriptural reason, such as masturbation, enjoying nudity (in a safe environment; I don’t believe nudist colonies are wise at all), enjoying sexuality (there have been way too many discussions and commands from the church [not God] that if sex isn’t intended for procreation only, then it is sin), and so forth. If God has wanted any of those things labeled “sin”, He’d have done so. The Bible is really thorough.

Anyways, I guess blogs are made to ramble (at least occasionally). So after all that platforming, my wife and I have been trying to light the fires of passion in our marriage, because I believe pleasure, delight, passion, romance, and sexuality (all the intense “feelings” designed by God for marriage exclusively) will save our marriage… It’s been all structure and no comfort. All skeleton, and no skin.

Watching pornography is tricky to say the least. Viewing pornhub, youporn, and redtube (I know there are a few others that are free, but those have been my main three for whatever reasons) is a grab bag. You have to scan through a good bit of videos, to find one that’s heterosexual, one man-one woman, no anal (for those of you who like anal, I don’t believe it’s sin, insofar as anything that I’ve found in the Bible, it’s just not either of our preference), no weird hard bondage (once again, not sin, but this one starts to cross some borders of the heart of Christianity to me… light bondage, fun and exciting, real pain, gagging, and so forth, seem to indicate some sinful motive or possible molestation in my opinion), etc,. I stumbled across an actual DVD, several years ago, that I bought with our marriage in mind. I wish I’d bought more than one of it’s kind because I haven’t found anymore, when I went back to our local porn store, The Lion’s Den.

For those of you interested, it made by New Sensations and part of the Romance series. The one I bought was all tied up with ribbons and sprinkled with glitter (to indicate romance and that it would appeal to females in general I think). It’s called “The Wedding Day”.¬† The whole DVD is a loosely spun story of several people making love, or hooking up , on this wedding day. It’s the closest thing that I”ve found to family friendly porn (I mean that sardonically … if that’s the right word… sarcastic? anyway… I’ve been trying to improve my vocabulary to be a better writer [I’ve written two books and am working on two more. One of mine is actually published -though none of it covers the content of this blog, but pertains to passion for God, my first Love, and passion] If anyone is interested let me know, and I’ll message you the title….there I go rambling again… I need theme music today… that old hit, the Rambling Man…)

We’ve watched some porn before, but it always felt awkward. I really enjoyed it this time and she did as well. We both covered a question I think all husbands and wives would wonder if they watch porn together. Basically, we talked about that the reason that I enjoy watching pornography is to enjoy the women ( I mean you don’t some ugly guy like Ron Jeremy pounding a pretty girl… I don’t enjoy those, I just feel sorry for the poor girl, who really really needs money apparently). And I told her that I didn’t mind her enjoying the hunks, as long as no lust is involved either way. Earlier in our marriage, she was very intimidated by the fact that I enjoyed looking at beautiful women, as if it took from the fact that¬†I consider her beautiful. It’s been a long slow process, to come to this point, but it felt really good to sit and enjoy sensuality together. Then after a couple scenes, we couldn’t take it anymore, when we were sitting naked beside each other and were both really turned on, so we escaped to the bedroom and enjoyed some lovemaking. Which is quite a new thing for us, because all these years, sex has been a¬†very dangerous place for us so to speak… with her abuse, she is usually emotionally absent… and since I’m not in necrophilia, i’d rather fly solo, than have sex with someone who isn’t “there” and who doesn’t “feel” my touches.

Tonight, I gave her a full body massage and she seemed to “stay in her body” and I invited her to tell me during the massage without any pressure either way (because I love sexuality and romance, and believe both are vital[both side of passion, hence my username), if she desired a romantic massage or one that built up to sexuality. And near the end of the massage, she announced the proclivity to end in sexuality, so I pulled out the art of cunnulingus (not to be confused with the skit from Saturday Night Live [back when it was funny] Colonel Angus) and ended the evening with kisses, and an orgasm for her.

Those of you who read this, please pray for our marriage, I am serious about it lingering on the edge of a knife. It’s a rock and a hard place situation. I’ve tried to be very gentle and understanding. I’ve endured very bad emotional abuse myself, which seemed to cement in the message of the sexual abuse in her life “You’re trash”, “You feelings are bad, you are bad”. But I’m desperately lonely, in marriage. I thought if I read all the right books and did all the right things, her heart would eventually believe God’s Word and mine, instead of her abusers, but her heart has refused to budge for almost our entire relationship. And the loneliness, is bad enough, but part of her survival technique (that we call her “mask”) was always pretending to be okay, and never showing any emotions to her abusers. Both she and I had fathers who pushed all your buttons until you snapped and then once they knew were to push, they’d do it over and over and over. They were both true sociopaths (not just as in an insult, but they displayed no true emotions but constantly manipulated the emotions of others; especially their wife and children while they pretended to the outside world what great Godly men that they were). So displaying emotions of any kind was basically painting a target on your chest. And my wife had the added terror, that her sociopathic father anally raped her (which I don’t even like to type, but I’m just trying to be open and bare for a moment).

This is the cliff notes version, but her mask is starting to kill our marriage, and I don’t know what to do. So those of you who are followers of Jesus, I covet your prayers…

Hopefully, our story will fall towards the Light, as in these last two nights of genuine connection.


motion picture penetrate.gif

Ripping off the cloths like clutter,

I felt her sigh and felt her shudder,

Her skin was warm beneath my fingers,

as I savored, as I lingered,

Eyes wild with fear and desire,

I mounted her beneath my fire.

I spread her legs far and wide,

as I thrust my shaft inside.

She moaned and quivered,

moist with sweat,

her body shivered

her cunt so wet.

Her breasts swelled with my thrust,

as rhythm gave way to my lust.

Her hair flew wild amid the night,

as her bum quaked against my might.

Her wet lips embraced my shaft,

and I swear I heard some pagan goddess laugh.

Love, lust and desire,

couldn’t quench my sacred fire.

Feral passion possessed our souls,

as my hammer nailed her hole.

Her breasts grew hot within my grasp,

as my name she spoke

and breathily gasped.

I took my fill of lust complete

as I sprayed within her seat.

As my body quaked

she finished in my wake.

Quickly she slid to the floor,

Upon her knees she wanted more.

She licked and sucked and drained me dry,

she cleaned my balls with her tongue so sly.

Savoring each drop, she tugged again until I popped.

She swallowed hard as I came once more,

Not one drop was wasted on the floor.

Around my head her tongue swirled and savored,

she sighed as she enjoyed my flavor.

motion picture savoring cock.gif

We all long for happy endings… I hope these gifs give you a happy ending ūüėČ

motion picture thrusting.gif

motion picture eating pussy.gif

Motion Picture sensual sex.gif

motion picture black and white cutie.gif

motion picture cum fountain 2.gif


Bondage… fun or strange? Over the years, exploring sexuality, the thought of bondage has come up. Personally, I think it is playful and erotic. Now hard core… Uh No! Some of the stuff they have on You Porn or Porn Hub is freaky deaky stuff. But light bondage seems like it would be exciting. The picture included is really hot to me.¬† My wife and I both enjoy light bondage, but gagging and whipping and punishment is not my bag baby (in the voice of Austin Powers). I don’t think any sexual act that isn’t fun for both would be desirable.

But toying around with power play is a turn on, both ways for me. My wife is a sexual abuse survivor so I don’t even hint about bondage, but it has happened spontaneously for both of us a few times (sometimes her to me and other times me to her). It’s really erotic. Is bondage your cup of tea? Do you have any fantasies that involve bondage between you and your wife? Or do you have any juicy stories?


motion picture tah dah.gif

This song has always been sort of funny to me, but also kind of sexy. A few months ago, I frequented a strip club. I’d been there many times over the years, but this time, this guy creeped me out. Plus I’ve been kind of innocent, till recently with clubs.

I’ve enjoyed strip clubs for 13 years… I still remember my first time walking in one. My heart was beating wildly in my chest. The darkened out windows seemed forboding. Loud music greeted me as I opened the door. It felt surreal. A woman was dancing on a stage to my left as a man was taking money on the right by the door. It was so awkward and exhilarating at the same time. It was the first time that I’d ever seen a woman naked (sans porn of course). It was so intoxicating. I still remember one bar maid remained topless after her performance and walked right in front of me, inches away, her gorgeous breasts exposed. She seemed completely natural as she walked by right in front of me, her breasts so near and so full…

Recently I’ve started wrestling with going to clubs anymore. I used to think that all clubs had a strict no touch policy, but a¬†friend of mine went a few years ago, and told me that he got a lap dance. I’ve¬†never really gotten a lap dance before, so I figured the woman just brought her body a little closer than is possible on stage, but still not touching you. He told me that the girls will bump and grind on you and some of them will even get you off. I felt gross after talking to him. The club in my home town didn’t even have private rooms and lap dances that were offered were simply paying a girl almost $30 to dance a few inches closer to you than they could on stage. Then I found this fully nude club about two hours from my home and have frequented it once or twice a year for six or seven years. They did have private rooms but I just figured they did the same kind of “lap dance” as my home club, just behind curtains. I’m cheap to a degree as well, so I never thought an inch or two closer would be worth the crazy prices they charge for a lap dance, or private dance as some call them…¬†I guess I was a little na√Įve. They had all these signs up about not touching the dancers, so I guess I assumed that that went both ways as well.

Anyhow, my strip club bubble has been burst. I’ll have to visit my local club again. They were topless only, but I really liked it there. They didn’t have private rooms, and I have never seen a girl trying to touch a man’s business there.

It can be kind of difficult trying to tread the waters of sexuality and holiness. Obviously, there is so much confusion about¬†most acts of ¬†sexuality, so you have to figure out what to do with various desires, by looking into God’s Word. Also obviously, if you don’t love God, you’ll just do whatever pleases you or whatever you can get away with. But many men who truly love God have lots of questions about this central vital part of our being, our sexuality, and we don’t have anywhere to go to get some answers. Even the Bible is misquoted and used to condemn things that it doesn’t condemn (i.e. the sin of Onan used for condemning masturbation, whereas, the story clearly has nothing to do with masturbation, only disobedience).

That’s the purpose of this blog; to have a safe place to ask real questions.

I wrote a blog years ago, about Christian Strip Clubs. Since realizing that probably most all clubs violate the look but don’t touch policy now, I would really love for this to be a real thing. There is just something to seeing a naked woman in person. I love porn but when you get close enough to see the texture of a woman’s skin, see the silkiness of her hair, and see those tiny invisible hairs that cover her body up close, it’s just mesmerizingly beautiful.

It’s like the difference between seeing pictures of the Grand Canyon and then seeing it in person…

So wouldn’t Christian Strip Clubs be game changing; a place where the dignity of the dancers and the viewers are both prominent; a place where your wife (or husband if they had clubs for ladies to view men) could feel safe with you frequenting, because nothing that encouraged lust or adultery would be promoted or permitted; no rude or filthy talk allowed; a place to view and enjoy nudity and not have an orgasm (so it wouldn’t feel gross like¬†I would imagine those XXX porn theatres felt…ugh!); a place that values and prizes the human body that God created and not demean or try to possess (lust).

I have to wonder if I’m crazy sometimes. The church at large is very adamant against enjoying nudity, masturbation, and pornography. Is this something that one day will be corrected. Over the centuries there has been many things condemned that the Bible didn’t condemn; like playing cards, bowling, sex toys for married couples, electric guitars, wearing make and jewelry for ladies, etc.¬†Is the stuff on this blog heresy (teaching what the Bible clearly condemns) or is this stuff (nudity, porn, masturbation) not actually forbidden by God by direct command or by principles of His Word?…




Do you ever wonder?… What if women loved sexuality as much as men?¬†A woman’s¬†entire life is consumed with looking good; smelling yummy; sounding sensual (what woman wants to sound like Janice from “Friends”); tasting Truly Scrumptious (thank you Ian Fleming); and feeling sexy. Think of all the billions spent on lingerie alone? sexy panties; enticing bras; form fitting nighties. Think of a woman’s thought life; Buying clothes that make them feel pretty; that make them feel desirable; picking out that perfect shade of lipstick; counting calories.

The whole essence of femininity is invitation and beauty. How many Christian men have read “Wild at Heart”? Do you know what the female counterpart is?… “Captivating” by John’s wife Stasi. The number one desire question of a man’s heart is “Do I have what it takes?” The number one desire of a woman’s heart is “Am I captivating?”

Think of how much time, money and thought goes into this piercing desire? Women are known for wanting to have that perfect perfume; that dress that makes them feel sexy; those shoes that showcase her calves.

Yet, do you ever wonder why? Women are notoriously unsexual. The only women famous, as it were, for being sexual, are women desiring to win a man’s heart, through fornication. How many jokes or quips have you heard in your life that revolve around women losing all desire for sex once a ring goes on her finger. After this huge day is made all about her (any grooms out there ever felt that your wedding had almost¬†nothing to do with you?)bordering on idolatry, this huge costly romantic affair is made of the perfect wedding. After all this huge ordeal is made; after all the time and effort spent pursuing a woman’s heart in romance, women seem hardwired to abandon sexuality once married.

Now my wife is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, so for years I thought that maybe that was the reason for her lack of sexual spark? But my entire life, I’ve never heard of one, just one, sexually thrilled husband. Sometimes there is a honeymoon period. But after the honeymoon is over and God forbid, children (who are awesome btw, don’t blame kids ladies), do you know of any married woman who is sensual; full of life; and sexually erotic. Many times single women give off this sexually erotic vibe, but married women seem almost devoid of it. It’s almost if the word, “tease”, was created¬†to¬†singularly describe the whole of¬†femininity alone.

I’ve spent years now questioning, “Why?” I don’t have one female subscriber to my blog. I used to try to put more pictures of naked men on my blog, before I erased years of my work a year or so ago (long story). None of the people who grace my blog are female. Honestly, I try to stay away from this question too much, because it’s a real buzz kill, but every once in a while I have to question God, “Why?!”

I won’t even justify the accusatory remarks that can come with such honest questions. I’m also a hopeless romantic. That’s why my username is “loverofpassion” and my icon is a sensual kiss. I won’t bore you with all my years pursuing my wife’s heart with romance, jewelry, dates, getaways, and yes, even reading many books on marriage and romance. But almost without fail, every book on the subject leads you to believe that everything rides on us men (and unfortunately, I don’t mean in the literal sense). After awhile, I want to read a book that actually tells women to “do” something in marriage. I’m talking in the romantic and sexual sense, because almost all Christians books that tell women to “do” anything in marriage, tells them to be a better maid. The “Proverbs 31 woman” is held up as¬†the pinnacle of Christian femininity. God help us! I’d rather have the “Song of Solomon” any day, hands down, and other things up. You can say what you will about¬†Solomon’s, almost a thousand, wives and concubines (the good old days), but God choose his book to speak to the whole body of Christ, as the only one that does so exclusively on sensuality, sexuality and romance.

Anyway, why are all nude¬†magazines (I think 100% now that Playgirl went online only, due¬†to lack of female sexuality. And to be honest, it’s probably kept going online even by homosexual men if truth be told) sold to men? The most sensual a woman¬†allows herself to become is by reading a novel. Where is the disconnect?

What would the world look like if your wife loved your cock as much as men deep in their hearts desired their wives too? What would life be like, if your wife loved the taste of your cum? What if she actually liked your body? I mean really liked your body, like any man only dreams of? What if the bookshelves and internet were filled with naked men magazines and pornography that woman actually not only enjoyed but longed for. Remember when you were a teenage boy, and you were first becoming aware of sexuality? What if women actually were what we all hoped they were?! This beautiful desirable naughty sexual creature? What if “sex nymph” actually described your wife?

When almost all¬†of a woman’s world¬†world seems to revolve around garnering our attention, what if they actually knew what to do with it, once they obtained it?




This one is just a query.

Being raised in Church, I have been part of denominational churches and non-denominational. At one time, I had a difficult time understanding denominational churches. So many denominations have come into existence over the smallest differences of opinion. For instance, I was raised Pentecostal and two of the most prominent Pentecostal churches are The Assemblies of God (AoG)¬†and The Church of God (CoG). Both of these denominations believe in three¬†separate works of Grace. Number one is the most obvious to any evangelical¬†church, Salvation. Number two is sanctification, which is basically were you become¬†completely sold out to Jesus, and lose¬†the major desire to commit sin. Number three is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the physical evidence of speaking in tongues. ¬†To my knowledge the only difference in these two wonderful denominations is that they slightly disagree on the second work of Grace, Sanctification (which basically means “set apart”). The AoG believes that sanctification is gradual. Another words, after you become a Christian, a gradual work of Grace conducted by the Holy Spirit within our hearts, slowly delivers us from the ability to sin so easily (you don’t want to sin any longer, you want Jesus and more of Jesus). The CoG believes that Sanctification is the same result but you get there differently. They believe that it is an instantaneous work of the Holy Spirit. Much like the 1st and 3rd work of Grace, you could actually remember the moment when¬†you were sanctified.

At one time I was leaning against denominations in general because of such minute differences. Over the last few years, I’ve come to understand the need of denominations, I believe. Although I currently attend a non-denominational congregation, I believe denominations serve a vital role. It’s not a word you hear often anymore, but I believe they act as a defense against heresy. Even their existence acts as a bulwark against an invasion of false teachings. Even though I love both denominational and non-denominational churches, I believe we would all¬†be like sitting ducks without denominational churches existing.

You may be asking, how does any of this relate to Christians enjoying pornography??? Well the Bible is our standard, our road map, our compass for living. Then I believe the denominations serve as a sort of bulwark. Even though most denominations disagree over small details (Armenianism vs. Calvinism/ Pentecostal vs. Cessation / Submersion vs. Sprinkling/ Saturdays vs. Sundays/ etc.), all denominations are founded to uphold the truth of God’s Word. To one extent they do divide Christians as a whole, but to another extent they unify Christians with similar beliefs. If their were no denominations, I believe heresies would be running ever more rampant. Just as the Bible is our 1st defense against deception, denominations are our 2nd defense. When you visit a Southern Baptist church, you know all the main beliefs of the church you are visiting. The same goes for each of the major denominations.

The main objection that I have to denominations is the disunity they  cause. Often we can spend all our time fighting other Christians of other denominations, than spend that time in prayer, fasting, witnessing, reading the Word, and thus fighting our true enemy the devil.

Anyway, I don’t mean to make this post meticulous. I just wondered if one day you think we’ll have denominations leading the way into knowing the truth about Biblical sexuality? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that a certain denomination or group of denominations had Biblical views of nudity, masturbation, and pornography? Since this is one area that is widespread met with condemnation although there is a complete and utter lack of Biblical evidence against it, it would be wonderful to have a set of core beliefs (a denomination¬†and doctrinal creed)¬†that a Christian man or woman could know that attending this particular denomination meant adhering to not only the basics doctrines found in all evangelical denominations, but also a fresh set of doctrines dealing with nudity, masturbation, and pornography strongly founded in the Word.

As it is right now, I’ve been writing this blog for about 5 years, and I’ve met all kinds of people. I’ve met Christians like myself who have examined the Bible and spent time in prayer and realized as I have, that the Bible is not against viewing nudity, masturbation, or enjoying pornography that involves one man and one woman. The Bible is against adultery, bestiality, sex outside of marriage (including anal, oral, vaginal, touching of the genitalia, etc.) homosexuality, incest, rape, molestation, lust (imagining yourself committing any of the sexual sins) and so on. Then there are some things, though not condemned, are simply unwise, like public nudity, etc.

Unfortunately, I’ve also met people who want to¬†view everything that is sexual as clean and wholesome. Many of them visit the site as well, but they want to live by their own rules and reject Biblical authority. Most of these people want to use the current humanist philosophy that if a sexual act is consensual and not illegal (by man’s law) then it’s compatible with Christianity. I’ve had people like this argue with me that homosexuality is ok because the two men or women love each other. But if they truly loved each other they wouldn’t want each other to violate God’s Word, so whatever these practicing homosexuals have, it’s not love. Love wants what is best for the other person according to 1 Corinthians 13. Going against God, or trusting their own judgment over God’s judgment, is never loving. God is love. So if God says don’t do something then whatever He says not to do,¬†is bad for you. Plus Jesus said in the Gospel of John that whosoever loves Him will keep His commandments. You can’t live in sin and love Jesus. Sin is disobedience to God. And Jesus made it clear that whosoever lives in disobedience to God does not love God.

Anyway, the question that I’m asking wistfully, is wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were denominations that based on the clear teaching of Scripture, were pro nudity, masturbation, and one man/one woman porn! Imagine churches all across the country, or world even, where, you could talk openly about these things. I know many people are afraid to even question whether these things are right or wrong. Why all the fear, the Bible will never lead us wrong. We can always trust God. None of us can figure life out on our own, We need God’s Word.

I bet if that ever happens then we can finally have Christian Porn, where only married heterosexual (sad you have clarify that today) couples create Christian porn, opened Christian Strip Clubs with a wholesome and fun environment (look but don’t touch; strippers are treated with dignity and respect; no getting drunk or speaking rudely, etc).

Am I way off base here?




I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I usually focus on the Pornography half of my site title as it relates to being a Christian. But today, I wanted to focus on the first six letters of my title as well, Christ. The day we are celebrating begins with those same six letters. What those six letters represent, literally changed the world as no one has, since Creation about six thousand years ago.

If it wasn’t for Christ, we wouldn’t even enjoy our sexuality. Animals have sex, in some ways very much like humans, but they aren’t even conscious or self aware. But Christ¬†made us in His image, and as such we are capable of enjoying the world around us, being enthralled in pleasure, joy, and delight. It’s easy to forget Christ’s original intention for us, since the Fall has also introduced sin, and the sin brought forth all the host of negative feelings and pain, suffering, rejection, and death. Christ made sexuality for us to enjoy, savor, and delight in. Sin has distorted it all. Lust (imagining yourself and someone who isn’t your spouse, engaging in any kind of sex or sexual touching [touching each others cock or cunt]), and sexual sins of all type have taken from the¬†pure and erotic delights of nudity and sexuality!

But around 2,000 years ago, this precious baby was born that changed our world. No matter how much so many in this world despise Him, there is no one else who has influenced our world, like Christ. No other name arouses such feelings as Jesus. You can say, Buddha, and no one around you is going to really give a flip, you can talk about Mohammed or Allah, but no one really cares, but say the name Jesus, and you’ll be met by feeling of love, warmth, thankfulness and devotion or violence, hatred, sarcasm, and animosity.

Around the world today, millions are giving their¬†very lives for Christ.¬†A few¬†give their lives for other gods, no-gods (like Allah), but millions and millions¬†around the globe (it’s estimated that more people give their lives as martyrs for Christ today than at any other time in history). What inspires such devotion???

It’s because Christ is real. And because He loves us so much that 2,000 years ago, God the Father, sent His precious precious son, Jesus to this Earth, to a people lost in depravity. A world where murder, rape, lying, ¬†homosexuality, gossip,¬†incest, child abuse, lust, adultery, genocide, suicide, greed, ¬†human trafficking, and so on are rampant.

This mighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords, humbled himself. The mightiest of all was born to peasants in a horse trough (I know it’s a manger, but that’s been so romanticized, I wanted to remind us the kind of thing he was laid in, something the animals ate out of). He lived as Rich Mullins reminds us, as a homeless man, a man with no where to lay his head. Then the Most Beautiful and Strong¬†One this world has ever known allowed Himself to be betrayed, brutally crucified and tortured, and publicly mocked. All for us! All for each one of us. Our sins, nailed those hands that formed the stars, to that rough splintery piece of wood. Those eyes that feasted with delight upon each of us before the world began, were blackened and bloody, swollen with cruel beatings, all because of our sins…

Christ, came to this wretched sin eaten world, and died a criminals death, ironically, the only one who had never committed a crime, much less a sin, died amongst thieves and took the place of Barabbas, a known murdering zealot. And then He took the place of each one of our sins. Every act of robbery, every assault, every covetous or lustful thought, every act of adultery, every lie, even every act of molestation (Jesus even died for child molesters), every act of cruelty, lusting after the same sex, every act of immorality was laid upon the only pure and innocent One.

So today and tomorrow while we celebrate Christmas, remember that without Christ, our world would be completely dark and utterly depraved. He is truly the Light of the World. And also, I want to take this time to ask you, Do you know Him? Do you have a living breathing personal relationship with this man. He’s not a little baby anymore, He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. One day every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. That includes, every pharaoh who set himself up to be a god, that includes every atheist who blasphemes His mighty name each day, that includes Mohammed and Buddha. One day everyone will bow their knee, because He’s not in that manger anymore. No, now He’s seated upon a Throne in the Heavens (the same one that Stephen, the first martyr, saw).

One day, He’ll be our Judge. But today, He is our Savior!!! Born in Bethlehem, 2,000 years ago, He came to save us from our sins, because our sins will destroy us. They not only destroy others, but they will destroy us as well. I ask you, will you accept Jesus today. Their are only two kinds of people, those who kneel now, and those who kneel later. The Bible says we will all kneel and bow before the King. Everyone who bows their knee in this life will go on to eternal life. And if you think there are pleasures in this life, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Everyone who waits to bow until they are face to face with Christ, the ultimate reality, the True King, will not only bow their knees but bow their heads in shame as they march into Hell, the place where no one will ever experience any type of pleasure again, no love, no beauty, no sexuality, no laughter, no innocence, no human warmth, no human affection.

There is only one thing that will keep us from accepting Christ and living the rest of our lives as a love offering unto Him, pride, the original sin. Just as Jesus, the Christ, humbled himself and let Himself be fully human and be born into a animal’s trough, lived a peasant’s life, and died a criminal’s death, though He is the only one who had never done anything wrong, just like His beautiful example, so we too must humble our selves in this life. We must let go of¬† “our way” and live “His Way”. We must live by His rules, the Bible. Where Christ is concerned, we must give up “our rights” and swear fealty to the King. We must humble ourselves and simply believe, which oddly enough, is the heart of even the most secular Christmas stories (stories that deal only with Santa, and try to exclude Christ). We must confess our sins to God and renounce them, give them up, and follow His example, His Word.

Will you humble yourself, as Jesus did, almost two millennia ago? Will you give Him your heart and your life. He already gave His life for you, but we must give ours to Him as well. Otherwise, it’s a one way relationship. Will you kneel at the manger…and at the cross and let Him give you a new life?

This site is dedicated to exploring and enjoying our sexuality in the light of God’s Word. He created it for our pleasure. He could have made sex as functional as washing the dishes or as boring as shaking hands to procreate. But He didn’t. He loves us. All the bad things in this world where introduced with sin, at the Fall. That wasn’t His plan for us. He made a world of succulent pleasures and mind blowing ecstasies. When the end of time comes, all things will be remade. Christians, (true Christians, not those in name only, another words) will live forever in the most beautiful, the most wild, the most enjoyable world. And actually, it’s right here on this Earth, only remade (Revelation 20-22). satan’s introduced the weird cloud idea of heaven, with a bunch of half-naked little baby cherubs with harps all floating about. No, that’s not heaven, that’s just weird. Heaven will be the fulfillment of all our desires, hopes, and dreams. A place where we’ll never know pain or sorrow again. Can you imagine a world with no death or disease, physical or mental or otherwise. No depression or cancer, no rejection or heart failure, no broken hearts or AIDS??? In that kind of world we’ll all feel free to truly be ourselves, and we’ll finally and truly be happy. Everyone that accepts Christ, will live as a celebrated hero too, for all eternity. We made it through this dark and terrible life, with our trust in Jesus. We’ll be celebrated by all creation as heroes and overcomers and conquerors! Everyone will know our name (just like in the theme to Cheers).

While in Hell, it will be the¬†complete opposite. No one will know our name. We’ll be nameless faceless tortures souls. The saddest part will be that we chose that. Everyone has a choice right now, choose Christ or choose our way. The Bible says that those who choose to trust ourselves over trusting Christ, will inherit hell. And I don’t believe, according to my study of the Bible, that we’ll be sent there by God.¬†No going to hell is like a natural law. It can’t be broken. It’s part of reality. The reality is that hell is all that exists outside of God. It’s the place we were all headed by natural law.¬† The law must be obeyed. That’s why this season is so special, its the time when God intervened. Hell was the natural result of our actions, just like devastation is to arson. Our ship was sunk, we were going down. There was only one way to save us. A price had to paid, the law had to be obeyed, so Christ came to fulfill the law, the Bible says. Only God Himself could receive the full penalty of the law, and¬†it killed Him and He descended into Hell for three days. But because He lived without sin, He paid the law by His death. He became the scapegoat, or sin eater.

Now everyone is on level ground, and we are given this choice, choose Jesus and share in His glory and freedom, or choose the thing that got us into this mess in this first place, sin, and inherit all that comes with that. Jesus did his part, just read the Gospels or watch the movie, “The Passion”.

I hope this Christmas Season, you truly honor, the incarnation, not only with your lips, but also with your heart, for it’s with our lips that we confess that Jesus is Lord and its with ¬†the heart that man believes the Gospel unto salvation¬†and¬† then lives by the Bible. Will you kneel in humility today? And if you have at one time known the Lord but turned back to sin, will you ask Jesus to forgive you and return home and follow Christ again??? Is there any sin in your heart that would keep you from Heaven? Trust me, its not worth it. Sin’s a fair weather friend. It won’t be there when we need it, indeed it can’t be. But Jesus will never ditch us, we may ditch Him, but He’ll never ditch us.

All year long this site is largely devoted to adoring the femininity, but let us remember who created feminity and who came to this planet to take away our sins, so we could be with Him forever. And according to Psalm 16:11,¬†“You make known to me the path of life;
    in your presence there is fullness of joy,
¬†¬†¬†¬†at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” and 1 Corinthians 2:9, “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” The pleasure we know in this life, will be swallowed up by the pleasures to come, but only if we follow Christ with our whole heart. If we follow Him with our whole heart, there is no room for sin. That’s not saying that we won’t ever sin, it just means that if we do, we are quick to repent, because it grieves our hearts to be with sin and away from Jesus, even for a moment. The Bible says that if we confess ours sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins. If you fall down, repent and grab God’s hand once again, and He’ll pull you up! Then keep walking with Him. The Best is Yet to come! If you think our sexuality brings us joy here, imagine all the joys and wild pleasure God has for us, in a world that is not broken and falling apart! The joys we have here are pictures of the more complete joys to come!

Come let us adore Him… Merry Christmas!